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Click on the video above to see the FSX Filter cleaning process

Handen DOC and DPF Cleaning

Full DOC & DPF Filter Cleaning Service

State of the Art. diesel particulate filter cleaning services.

​Clean your diesel particulate filters regularly to keep your equipment operating at this maximum efficiency.
Fast turn-around, reliable performance, and cost-effective; the only way we know how!
Get your filters cleaned with the world’s most advanced cleaning system – specified by OEMs.
Take advantage of our leading cleaning expertise. 

• Fast – Efficient – Cost effective service
• You can ship your filters to us via UPS or common carrier
• We offer a Pick-up and Delivery service for all filters
• We can accommodate fleet service needs to individual needs
• Recover hard to clean filters
• Testing of catalytic performance
• Repair minor defects
• Full documentation for all filter performance – before, during, and after cleaning

All 2007 and newer On-Road heavy trucks are equipped with a diesel particulate filter to reduce exhaust particulate matter (soot) and ash by at least 85%. Trucks newer than 2010 are also equipped with an additional system such as SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction) which requires the use of DEF (Diesel Emissions Fluid) to control Nitrogen Oxides (NOx). These EPA regulations now require all new On-Road as well as Off-Road construction, 
farm equipment and stationary generators to be equipped with DPF and SCR technology.